We Prepare Your
Child For Life

Montessori Is A Nurturing And
Holistic Approach To Learning



Montessori Pre-school and Nursery Serving Colindale, Edgware & St Albans UK

Your Child Stays Safe With Us

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Your Child Will Take The
Lead In Their Learning

Montessori classrooms and materials encourage curiosity and discovery. Your child will progress at the pace that is unique and perfect for them. In a patient, kind and nurturing environment, children learn to take responsibility for their growth, both academic and emotional.

Building Confidence With Practical Skills For Navigating the World

Through everyday activities, children learn coordination and dexterity, how to take care of themselves and their environment, and how to interact with others. As they dress, clean, ask for help, and participate in the classroom, they develop self-esteem and independence.
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Spectacular Playgrounds For Building Strength and Agility

With outdoor activities, children build the fine and gross motor skills to be confident, strong movers. They dance, jump, throw and catch. They climb on the natural play structures in our spacious and beautiful yard. Our Nature-rich curriculum builds their skills and healthy, active habits.

We Promise To Keep Your
Child Safe and Sound

We limit outside access to our building and as an added measure have cameras in our classrooms. There are fewer students per teacher so that we are vigilant and ever-watchful. We promise to keep your precious little one happy and safe, laughing and learning.
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Your Child Will Be Ready for Kindergarten and Beyond

Through our multidisciplinary, immersive and child-led approach to academic areas including mathematics, science and literacy, as well as more creative and social skills, children are more than prepared for their next steps. Kindergarten readiness is 100% guaranteed, as is reading at Kindergarten level, or higher.

Enriching Young Lives for Excellence With Music, Mandarin, Ballet, and More

Children’s education is enhanced with chances to learn additional languages including French and Mandarin, and to explore new physical disciplines such as Soccer and ballet. A range of field trips, from zoos and farms to aquariums and museums, take place throughout the year, to broaden their horizons.
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Supporting Children By
Partnering With Parents

Our open-door policy allows parents to communicate with ease and transparency. A system is in place to ensure parents are supported, and channels of communication include home visits, settling-in sessions, regular parent meetings, and parent participation days.

Stay Informed Of Your Child’s Day With eyLog

At the end of each day, you’ll get a daily report from our communication app, eyLog. Details of your child’s day include nap times, what your child ate, nappy changes, and toileting times. You will love the sweet pictures and videos that teachers send throughout the day.
Maintaining Our Track Record of Proven Results at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Colindale, Edgware & St Albans UK

High Teacher Longevity and High Quality Standards

In the loving, caring environment we have created, our staff tends to stay with us for years. OFSTED have rated our classrooms “GOOD” and “OUTSTANDING”. Our teachers have top-notch qualifications including PGCE, QTS, ET Teacher status, Montessori Diplomas, Level 5 Management, Level 4, and Level 3 childcare diplomas.

MEAB Accreditation Guarantees High Quality Montessori Provision

Our MEAB accreditation reassures parents that we have qualified teachers leading the learning, and that our Montessori-prepared environment supports your child. We are proud to offer the high quality education that our Montessori name stands for.
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Sensory Experiences
Enrich Daily Learning

By taking notice of the size, aroma, taste, weight, texture, temperature, colour and sound of specially designed objects and materials, children learn to focus their attention and solve problems for themselves, forming crucial foundations for maths, language, and self-expression.

Writing, Verbal Communication, and Creative
Expression Every Day

Children learn to express themselves through stories, poetry, rhymes and songs. Teachers consistently model writing techniques and Montessori language materials guide children in letter formation. We explore additional languages to reinforce children’s skills and broadening cultural knowledge.
little boy smiling in classroom at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Colindale, Edgware & St Albans UK

Exploring Self-Expression
Through Creativity
and Innovation

Children express themselves through art and music, as well as woodwork and cookery. Using their imaginations and a range of materials, they not only have daily chances to be creative, but to develop their dexterity with drawing, painting, building, and mixing activities.

Montessori Materials Approach Science and Maths
with Creativity

Children encounter the world and explore new ideas in an immersive environment. Topics like lifecycles and physics are investigated through plants, rocks and the weather. Through space, shape, size and patterns, children begin to explore mathematical concepts like sorting and counting.
happy girl playing with wooden blocks at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Colindale, Edgware & St Albans UK
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Leveraging Gentle Yet Effective Techniques for Emotional Growth

By applying a combination of proven approaches, including Conscious Discipline and Love and Logic, we can understand the internal framework that influences behaviour, in order to equip children with the social-emotional and communication skills needed to manage themselves, resolve conflict, and develop healthy relationships.

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parent reviews

Both my kids attended fountain they are 11 and 51/2 and the foundation it laid for their learning is second to none. The Montessori way is the way to go. It helped with their reading and interaction with their surroundings and their ability to voice their opinions on different things around them. My third and last is definitely headed for fountain once she is old enough

Bee George

A warm, loving and nurturing environment where all three of my children were supported and encouraged to reach their full potential. Highly recommend Fountain Montessori.

Nahel Santangelo

Fountain Montessori has been a fantastic pre-school for my daughter. She started age 3 and has developed immensely. The teachers are caring and nurturing, and the environment is very warm. I highly recommend the nursery for anyone looking for childcare in a great setting. Care is second to none.

Sharmee Mavadia

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