Baby love: Some of our most popular and most enlightening videos on babies and their development

By ParentTV on 21 Sep 2020
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Babies are excellent! They’re also terrifying when you get one of your very own and are thrust into the huge new world of caring for them, nurturing them and providing the optimal set of conditions for their continued development and growth (no pressure, right?). But, there’s no need to go it alone. Guiding you through the confusing and contradictory world of parenting info is exactly what ParentTV exists for. We cut out the nonsense and give only good advice, kind of like your friend who stops you texting your ex at the tail end of a big night out…

And, because you’re a parent and short on time, we’ve assembled some standouts for you here; a little ‘best of the best’ collection that showcases six of our most popular videos on the topic of #babies. Best watched with one nestled squishily in your arms.

WATCH: CPR for Babies 0-12 months, with Sarah Hunstead

Hopefully, you’ll never need to perform CPR on a baby aged 1-12 months, but, if the situation arises, you’re going to want to know how to, yes? Sarah Hunstead is a Paediatric Emergency Nurse, so she’s seen the full spectrum of baby and kiddo bumps, bruises and burns, as well as the stuff we can’t bear to think about. Do yourself a favour and watch this video that instructs you on exactly how to safely perform CPR on an infant. It’s not quite seven minutes long and it could help you save a baby’s life – time well spent, we reckon.

WATCH: Why doesn’t becoming a parent feel as good as I thought it would? With Dr Vanessa Lapointe

Hmm, excellent question, isn’t it? When we have kids, a lot of us find that the reality of parenting isn’t as rosy as we might have expected. However, there’s a strong and pervasive narrative in our society that paints parenting as an entirely joyous experience for all involved. So, when we get there and find it not all joyous and we don’t immediately fall in love with our babies, we feel bad. And sometimes, we feel bad and we don’t even know why. In this video, Dr Vanessa Lapointe, psychologist and truth-teller, explains what’s going on and why we need to be kinder to ourselves! Watch every day for reassurance on tap.

WATCH: Why the first 1000 days of a baby’s life are so important, with Nathan Wallis

You know what Nathan Wallis does? He takes all the latest research and findings from neuroscience and then he puts it through a filter so it comes out as words that mere mortals can understand. Magic! This is one of our most popular videos ever, and Nathan gives talks on this topic in his homeland of New Zealand and all around the world. Essentially, the first 1000 days of your baby’s life can shape a whole lot of their future outcomes, and there are easy things you can do to provide the conditions that allow them to thrive. It’s not all genes…

WATCH: Help! My breastfed baby won’t take a bottle and I’m going back to work in a few weeks, with Pinky McKay

You’ve may already have gotten acquainted with one of Australia’s favourite baby whisperers, Pinky McKay. She’s kind of like the High Priestess of Baby Knowledge, and many of us have pored over her books between feeds. We could have chosen any of her videos to share with you here because they’re all excellent. We’ve designed each one to provide an answer to those very specific questions about feeding, settling and sleeping that you find yourself typing into Google with your one free hand at some ungodly hour in your early days as a new parent. She’s saved our parenting bacon more than once. Your turn!

WATCH: When will my baby fall asleep on their own? With Meg Nagle

While she can’t tell you the exact time and date that your baby will fall asleep without being attached to you like a little velcro possum, Meg Nagle, AKA The Milk Meg, will streamline all the confusing info about those two things new parents obsess over: feeding and sleeping. For parents AND their babies. Preferably both. Like Pinky, Meg’s a Board Certified Lactation Consultant, so she’s got a lot of wisdom about breastfeeding to share, but she’s equally insightful about bottle feeding. Thank goodness for The Milk Meg!

WATCH: Milk Monsters – What to do when your baby is still drinking too much milk, with Deb Blakley

First you want them to drink milk and you’re delighted when they guzzle it down, and then you move onto solids and you want them to start ditching the mik and chowing down on food. But what if your baby’s got their own plans and they don’t exactly align with yours? Deb Blakley is an Accredited Dietitian who specialises in nutrition for kids, and her vids like this one will help you get off on the right foot from day dot.

There’s a whole lot of other videos that you’ll probably want to queue up next, especially when they get into toddler territory and start eating only yellow foods from blue bowls… So much to look forward to!

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